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Surviving our Streets aims to reduce gun and knife violence by using an evidenced based public health model proven to reduce violence. The goal is to establish new social norms within communities hardest hit that violence is not acceptable. The charity seeks to engage those most likely to be involved in violence, as either perpetrator or victim within the serious-street and gang-related violence arena.

Surviving Our Streets ™ programs

The Surviving Our Streets programs have been developed with innovation and engagement at the heart of the intervention. The programs aim to facilitate a change in thinking and ultimately behaviour of candidates caught in the world of street and gang-related violence.

"Someone could be out there scared as hell, don't know what to do, no one will go to the police - you could be out there to help them resolve their issues, it could be a saving grace man" - An "Elder" on the Surviving Our Streets intervention.

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Surviving Our Streets offers a unique medium for your organisation to develop and deliver its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

The program aims to work with young men and women in the serious-youth and gang-related violence arena that many have written off as "unworkable".

Through high level support and guidance we will empower our participants to make positive changes to their lifestyles with the ultimate goal of reducing violence in the community. A powerful by-product of our program is that once positive changes have been made, the participants? involvement in street crime, violence or the drug trade etc dissipates.


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